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Espanvest (Premier Developments Spain) is a property development company in the UK. We specialise in creating green and sustainable properties in Spain that offer excellent returns for investors.

There is no better time to invest in Spain than right now. Increased savings and relaxed restrictions will all boost demand which all suggests that 2021 will see strong growth in the property market.

We offer investors the chance to invest in Spanish land that has the potential for huge growth. Our investments are safe and secure and we even offer buyback options at full purchase price if you wish to leave after 12 months.

For more information about our property investments in Spain, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us at Espanvest (Premier Developments Spain).

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Why Invest in Spain?

There are a number of signs that suggest a strong recovery in the Spanish property market is likely. Like most economies in the world, coronavirus brought Spain and the EU to a standstill. Consumer demand slowed significantly which meant that many households in the Eurozone saved (on average) around 25% of their income.

Many experts also believe that although property purchases declined, they have merely been postponed rather than cancelled outright. Increased savings combined with a surge in demand, once restrictions are relaxed, means that there is huge potential for higher property prices. In November 2020, four regions of Spain already showed increases of more than 1%. Growth will very likely rise as the economy returns to normalcy.

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Property Investment Opportunities

Investment with the Environment in Mind

We have large portions of land which we own outright and develop these to provide even more exciting property investment opportunities in Spain. We are committed to green eco-friendly development that takes full advantage of local sustainable energy. By utilising modular Huf Hauses, we will construct beautiful open plan homes that will last long into the future.

We are currently in the process of developing El Indalo de Almeria, a portion of land with a current value of £4.2 million. For more information about our current and future investments please visit Developments.


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A Proven Track

At Espanvest (Premier Developments Spain) we have over two decades of experience developing properties in Spain. We own significant shares of land and are committed to realising the value of this. The potential of this is huge and represents an exciting opportunity for investors looking for property investments in Spain.


Safe and Secure

You will be investing in a portion of the land that Espanvest (Premier Developments Spain) owns. We are a UK SPV which also ensures your investment is guaranteed and secured on company assets.




We will construct properties from modular Huf Hauses which make use of natural resources. These homes use local wind and solar power and are quick to build, which will reduce the amount of construction work required.


Charitable Causes and Social Responsibility

We are passionate about including all members of the community in our development. We will be donating two units to the Diocese of Almeria to use as holiday homes for disadvantaged families and children.






Express Your Interest

If you would like to express interest in property investment opportunities in Spain please contact us at Espanvest.

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