El Indalo de Almeria is an exciting property investment opportunity in the heart of Spain. Completing phase one of development will cost £2.2 million. The property is already owned by us with the land having a value of £4.2 million which is in the filed accounts. Investments are for the purchase of the company shares, which ensures every client's investment is secure and protected.

Planned phase one investment growth will be 10% for the first year. Upon full planning permission clients will have the option to sell at market value for the land which is owned.







Eco-Friendly Developments

Once we receive full planning permission we will offer a variety of properties which complement our solar power plant. The majority of the 74 properties will be modular Huf Hauses produced at our partner factory in Dubai. These are open plan homes which make use of natural resources and are relatively quick to construct. This will maximise both the value of each investors capital and also provide an expedient return on the sales

Each client will be offered a range of property options, which makes the development unique for a large development in the Iberian peninsula. If you would like to express interest in property investment opportunities in Spain please contact us at Espanvest.








Investment Opportunities and Returns

The minimum investment amount is £5000 per share. You can choose the investment amount as well as your period of investment. However you should bear in mind that if you only plan to invest until planning permission is granted, your returns will be lower than if you invest until development is complete.

At Espanvest (Premier Developments Spain) we also give you the option to cash in early and are happy to repay you in full after the first year. However, please be aware that our minimum investment period is 12 months. Our investment guarantee scheme means that as a company, we will buy back up to 50% of your shares at the end of the first 8 months. This allows you to withdraw part of your investment. Conditions do apply so you may not get any of the benefit in the first six months.




Property Investment in Spain


Key Investment Steps

Full planning stage – 20 to 25% of uplift in land value to be distributed.

Development sales completion – up to 75% of profit value after costs. This is paid on a sale by sale basis to each of the shareholders, including the percentage of capital invested.

Investment guaranteed and secured on companies assets, as the company is a UK SPV which ensures a secure and transparent process.





Express Your Interest To Invest

If you would like to express interest in our property investments in Spain with Espanvest (Premier Developments Spain), please contact us.

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